Skill Sets:

Adobe Photoshop

Mid-level retouching, animated GIFs, working with design-effect templates

Adobe InDesign

Layout, styles, some automation and scripts

Adobe Illustrator

Vector creation, pattern creation


Working within themes, tweaking existing PHP files


Working within existing HTML/CSS documents to tweak for desired effect

Couple answers:

Why just the default WP theme?

I’ve used fancy themes from fancy designers for websites I’ve done before (I do love Themeforest) – but at some point the site becomes about the fancy web design, rather than the content. I wanted to keep this stark and simple. Black, white, and the content.

Why “thisisnottravis?

One of those things that you use when you’re younger, and it just sticks. Longer answer is that it came from a book of my brother’s I read when I was younger, Understanding Comics, where Scott McCloud talks about Magritte’s “The Treachery of Images” (the “ceci n’est pas une pipe” painting – see here) – this isn’t really “me”, it’s words I wrote about myself online, etc. Shorter answer is sometimes when people see it they laugh: “well hello, not-Travis”.